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John Eddie

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John Eddie




Richmond, Virginia

John Eddie<= span lang=3DEN style=3D'mso-ansi-language:EN'> (born 1959, Richmond, Virginia) is an American folk ro= ck singer. Eddie moved to New Jersey in the 1970s and became a popular club circuit musician there, occasionally performing with Bruce Springsteen.[1] Eddie signed with Columbia Records and released two albums, in 1986 and 1990; a single, "Jung= le Boy", managed to crack the Billboard charts in 1986, peaking at #17 R= ock and #52 on the Hot 100.[2] He opened for Bob Seger and The Kin= ks in the late 1980s[1] but was dropped by the label early in the 1990s. H= e then signed with Elektra Records and recorded a third album, w= hich was never released after a lengthy legal dispute.[1] Since then Eddie has recorded independently and to= ured extensively; his career saw a resurgence when he signed with Lost Highway Records for 2003's Who t= he Hell is John Eddie?.<= /span>


  • John Eddie (Columbia Records, 1986) US= #83[3]
  • Hard Cold Truth (Columbia, 1990)
  • Who the Hell is John Eddie?<= span lang=3DEN style=3D'mso-ansi-language:EN'> (Lost Highway Records, 2003)
  • Seven Songs Since My Last Confession
  • Guy Walks Into a Bar... (live) (Lost American Thrill= Show)
  • Happily Never After (Lost American Thrill Show)

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